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When you enjoy a subtle but enticing scent that reminds you of those walks through the forest on those crisp fall mornings where the only sound you hear are your feet crunching through the leaves.  These natural scents from mother nature will awaken your senses in the most delightful way.

Notes: Fir, Eucalyptus, Birch, Cypress with a slight hint of citrus and vanilla.


Also available in travel tin size for small rooms.

Candles with essential oil blends will not provide as strong a hot throw as the traditional mainstream candles made with paraffin wax (petroleum based).  Essential oil binds with the wax and gives off a naturally enticing aroma providing the health benefits without an overpowering fragrance, a must especially for those who suffer from asthma, allergies or do not enjoy strong scents. 

Vessel: Re-usable Glass  3.25"W x 3"H 

Burn time:  about 60+ hours depending on care candle 

Wax & Wick:  premium soy with cotton wick (never any dyes or enhancers)

Comes in a beautiful gift box evoking the Portuguese hand painted ceramic tiles. 




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