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THE POSTCARD COLLECTION - is iconic and represents all that Portugal has to offer.

Beach, Sun, Food, beautiful art like the Tiles and most importantly leaves a Saudade "Nostalgia" to everyone who visits.  

The Mar E Sol Soy Wax Candle, a perfect way to bring memories of those long hot days spent at the beach into your home. 

There's nothing quite as uplifting as spending a long sunny day at the beach in Portugal's Algarve region. From lounging in the sun, to a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters, to strolling among the fine, white sand.

Our new candle Mar E Sol will evoke just that,  imagine at the end of the day sitting at a nearby café  enjoying a refreshing fruity beverage while gazing at the bold oranges and reds of sunset against the backdrop of the shoreline; there truly is no greater way to settle your thoughts and prepare for the evening ahead.   Algarve sunsets are truly magical.

Notes of:  Persimmons, Guava, Citrus and Orange anchored with a touch of Mango. 

Oranges from the Algarve are a staple, and so are the sweet Lemons from the central region of Portugal, where the mild year round climate provides the sweetest and most fragrant fruits. 

Candles with essential oil blends will not provide as strong a hot throw as the traditional mainstream candles made with paraffin wax (petroleum based).  Essential oil binds with the wax and gives off a naturally enticing aroma providing the health benefits without an overpowering fragrance, a must especially for those who suffer from asthma, allergies or do not enjoy strong scents. 

Vessel: Re-usable Glass  3.25"W x 3"H 

Burn time:  about 60+ hours depending on care candle 

Wax & Wick:  premium soy with cotton wick (never any dyes or enhancers)

Comes in a beautiful gift box evoking the Portuguese hand painted ceramic tiles.