Candle Care

How to properly burn a candle? 

When you first light your candle, ensure a burn time of 3 to 4 hrs, until a proper melt pool forms, this means the wax has melted all around the top of the vessel.  Allowing this will avoid that annoying tunneling we sometimes experience with candles.   

Soy wax holds memory, so by following this crucial step, next time when you light the candle it will continue to burn evenly down the vessel.

Should I trim the wick?

Yes, we absolutely recommend you trim the wick about 1/4 " not too short though or you can drown the wick, this will remove the built up that looks like a ball on the wick, and prevent the black smoke experienced sometimes with mass market candles. On the first burn you don't have to trim it as we already did that for you. 

How long will the candle burn?

On average and depending on personal preference, our 11 oz candles will burn for 60+ hrs.  When we enjoy the scent so much we tend to burn longer than it should, but the right way is to burn for 4 hrs at a time, let it re-harden and then re light. If candles are left burning way over this period, the excessive heat will burn through the natural scent of the oils.  The travel tins will burn up to 15+ hrs, these are meant for small areas like bathroom, your night stand, or just a quick pick me up. 

Never leave your candle un-attended or close to open windows.  Safety above all.