The Plants

All of our candles have been formulated using a blend of pure essential oils extracted from flowers, barks, leaves and fruits, abundantly grown and native to Portugal. 

For custom blends certified premium fragrance oils have been used. 

After collecting plants manually with the help of a sickle, the essential oils are extracted using a stainless steel alembic by means of steam distillation. This process allows the preservation of all the scents and active principles and thereby guarantees the quality of the essential oil.

We welcome you to see the video on the home page on under BTS page.

 eucalyptus field in Portugal   Lemons from Portugal essential oils   Fennel Fields in Portugal aromatherapy soy candles   orange farm in portugal algarve region essential oils   wild lavender field in Portugal essential oils for soy wax candles   lemongrass essential oil for natural soy candles