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Lavender Bouquet Room & Linen Spray 

Formulated with different types of Lavender essential oils providing relaxing and grounding aromas. These essential oils from Portugal have no added chemicals and have been steam distilled using the most artisanal methods available.  This beautiful scent is relaxing and soothing.  Always a best seller.  

Weight:  4.5 oz / approx 125 ml 

Shake lightly before use.  Spray on curtains, couch, pillows, bathroom, car, bedding. 

Not for internal use - Keep out of reach of children


  • Essential Oil Based Fragrances, Distilled Aqua (Water), Witch Hazel, Emulsifiers
  • Free of dyes, propellants
  • Long Lasting
  • Instant Ambiance / Creates immediate scent
  • Fragrance layered, essential oil based fragrance
  • Clean diffusion non-toxic, natural ingredients
  • Made in Canada